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Brief introduction of luyu Heavy Industry Company

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Founded in 2005 with register capital 50,000,000 Yuan, Shandong Luyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, owning workshop covering the land area 120,000m2

Founded in 2005 with register capital 50,000,000 Yuan, Shandong Luyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, owning workshop covering the land area 120,000m2 , /is a national high-tech enterprise,/ the major enterprise to replace old growth drivers with new ones of Shandong Province and demonstration base of digital intelligent workshop for high-end manufacturring of Laizhou City 

Luyu Heavy Industry is located in Shandong Laizhou Shahe Industrial Park, known as“township of small construction machinery”. Shahe town is one of the thousand strong towns with national comprehensive strength in 2019. Its annual capacity of small sized loaders is more than 300,000 and over 80% of national annual capacity of small sized loaders; it centralizes production of small construction machinery products.It cultivates thousands of local construction machinery accessories suppliers, forming a perfect accessories industry chain. Accessories supply rate reaches 80% ofcomplete machine supply. 

Focusing on users’experience and insisting brand development strategy, Luyu Heavy Industry has been the main leading runner and leader of small construction machinery industry, which is of great significance. 

Our company mainly manufactures small sized loader, excavating machinery, mini excavator, tank car, forklift and other construction machinery produts. /In order to satisfy market demand, /Luyu develops more than 100 products, hundreds of fittings, including pitch-fork, flat fork, grain bucket, bucket, sugar cane bucket, snow plow, concrete mixing bucket, clamping machine, pile driver and rotary clamping etc, /realizing one-stop match and multiple purposes with one machine./ It can satisfy several working scenes and improve work efficiency via quick shifting fittings./ It is simple to operate with low fuel consumption, /which is an indispensable multi-function product to replace labor./ Luyu Heavy Industry focuses on marketing and after-sales service./ It sets up more than 400 sales outlets and after-sales service stations, /which realizes the sales model directly towards the end. /Good after-sales service can respond customers quickly and provide service in time; /therefore make it more convenient and reliable for customers./ At present, our products has been sold to more than 20 countries and regions around the world. 

Luyu Heavy Industry has always insisted the development idea of “leading with technology” and focused on technology innovation and reasearch & development./ It actively promtotes craft optimization, technology upgrading and digital intelligent manufacturing. /It owns over 30 national patents./ The company establishes scientific base with several universities including China Agricultural University and scientific research institutes, /so as to develop together and share results./ They invest a lot to introduce advanced production line, laser cutting machine, welding robot, machining center and other advanced construction machinery intelligent manufacturing equipment. /In the course of production, the company implements overall quality management, continuously scans high-quality suppliers to ensure stable function and quality of products. /Luyu Heavy Industry enjoys comprehensive praise from domestic and abroad with its advanced technology and high-quality product service. 

Small construction machinery has huge potential market for development. /with planning and development of national industry 4.0 intelligent manufacture, / domestic  machinery manufactures enjoy their reputation in the world, /and their products has been sold to all countries in the world; /products’ quality also tops the world. /At present, small construction machinery still has s potential market with hundreds of millions in the world./ Overseas market puts greater recognition on Chinese small construction machinery. /Luyu Heavy Industry would like to go with industry enterprises hand in hand to realize joint-manufacture, /sharing results and win-win cooperation; and to build a better future of small construction machinery.


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